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Saturday, May 18th

Upstairs at 8:30 PM

Necro-Mancing Dennis
Necro-Mancing Dennis - Trailer
Necro-Mancing Dennis
(2018, 73 min)

Country: U.S.

Director: Steven Vasquez

Studio: Babaloo Studios

Language: English


A straight wrestling coach finds himself smitten with one of his gay students. A student whose life may soon be in danger. Meanwhile a deranged cemetery worker is infatuated with someone of his own. Someone he can never have... at least not alive! Their stories become entangled in this featurization of the short film "The Caretaker of Cook County." Adult film sensation Grayson Lange stars with newcomer Daniel Jensen, in his first gay erotic scenes on or off camera! Also starring Babaloo Studios favorites Addison Graham and Harper Stevenson. This mystery/horror film is written and directed by Steven Vasquez.


"Necro-Mancing Dennis" is the latest film from Babaloo Studios and director Steven Vazquez. If you are familiar with the studio and the director, you know what you can expect-- fun, sex and young boys. If you are not, the tile has come for you to tune and see where gay film has been going. I must be honest and say that I have a hard time reviewing Babaloo films because there is too much to see but I will try.

We find a straight wrestling coach who is smitten with one of his gay students and it just so happens that this student's life could very well be in danger. Then we have a "deranged cemetery worker who is infatuated with someone of his own" and this is a someone that he can never have alive. The two stories come together in "Necro-Mancing Dennis". Grayson Lange, Daniel Jensen Addison Graham and Harper Stevenson star and are directed by Steven Vasquez. I think that one of the things we see in Babaloo films is the wonderful working relationship between actors and director. We certainly sense that Vasquez is a natural storyteller and loves to share his stories and his actors love being in those stories. Now these stories are usually about sex, love and often death.

Dennis West (Harper Stevenson) is the beautiful younger brother of the local sheriff (Walter Delmar). He is necromanced by Garret Gerkin (Addison Graham), the caretaker at the local cemetery. Unfortunately for Garret, his face has been terribly disfigured, and he wears bloodstained burlap over his head. Garrett enjoys taking pictures of dead bodies before having sex with them although we never see this.

Thomas (Daniel Jensen) is the wrestling coach whose brother was one of Garret's first victims. Thomas is also in love with Andy (Grayson Lange), who also becomes a victim. We see something of a relationship here but instead learn that Garret is jealous of anyone who has had a relationship with Dennis. You might think you can guess where this is going, and you might be correct, but I am not saying. To do so would ruin your viewing experience and there are surprises to come. Yes, this is a sexy film, but it also represents where our films are going, and I am not just referring to gay film. Even with the political situation in this county being what it is, we have become and are constantly becoming more permissive in what we see on the screen. Vasquez has always pushed the envelope and he does so again here. I have always admired his cinematic skill and when it merges with his storyline as it does here, we get a film that is fun and difficult to forget. There are so many things that one can do in films like these, yet Vasquez always seems to find something new and it is, as if, he knows what will please his audience. He has never disappointed.

-- Review by Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen (https://amoslassen.wordpress.com)