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Saturday, May 4th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Dragon Classic Triple Feature
Dragon Classic Triple Feature

2018, 270 min

Country: United States

Studio: Dragon Media

Director: Various Directors


This collection includes three full-length titles: Men in the Sand, Splittin' Wood and Jock Park.


Men in the Sand [2012, dir. Jake Deckard, 197 min.]
It takes balls to take on director Wakefield Poole's 1971 classic Boys in the Sand, but director Jake Deckard has big ones and delivers. As with the iconic gay porn original, the setting is undeniably Fire Island: sandy beaches, wooden walkways, shimmering ocean and hirsute (and horny) beachcombers. Hot hairy men with an unstoppable appetite for thick cock and firm meaty asshole. Watch them bathe in the sun in all their majestic glory before stripping down and exposing each other's holes and hard cocks.

Splittin' Wood [2011, dir. Ray Dragon, 135 min.]
Hot, horny men with a soft spot for two things: the outdoors, and getting fucked by other men in the outdoors! Ray Dragon has done it again by bringing eight hot studs together for some dick sucking, rimming and ass pounding.

Jock Park [2009, dir. Joe Gage, 155 min.]
When pro athletes meet hillbilly horndogs, you've arrived at Jock Park. The Peaceable Lake Sports Rehabilitation Center is a retreat located deep in the Catskills. Baseball player Chad (Bryan Slater) is taking a piss in the woods when one of the local horndogs (Spike) appears and watches. The two men compare dicks and before long Chad is on a pond side deck, sliding straight into the horse-hung hillbilly all the way up to his scrubby cock hair.

In the Incoming Patients Pavilion, extreme cyclist Ron (Chad Brock) gets a mandatory physical examination from Coach Doyle (David Chase). Ballplayer Chad joins them, takes Coach Doyle's medical reference camera and snaps file photos of Ron's engorged penis. The men are joined by a wrestler (Mike Dreyden) who pisses into the woods side-by-side with them and then participates in the four-way masturbation showdown that erupts inside the pavilion.

Further into the woods, the wrestler comes upon an anonymous flannel shirt-clad redneck who sports thick, uncut wood poking out of the fly of his Levi's. The wrestler takes care of the throbbing, leaking dick and then finds himself at the center of a fuck scene that includes Ron and Coach Doyle.

In the Center's basement, Winston, the center's director (Matthew Ford) takes delivery of a new batch of pussy porn from his dealer Fisk (Colin Steele). The two men pull up folding chairs and settle in to test-drive the goods and are soon joined by Chad and Coach Doyle for a fevered jack-off session that ends with a sit fuck that pulls thick loads out of every man in the room.