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Saturday, November 2nd

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Father Figure
Father Figure

2013, 197 min

Country: United States

Studio: TitanMen

Director: Joe Gage & Brian Mills


A strong older man that younger guys can look up to is what Father Figure is all about. Hot, hung and hairy older guys teach younger guys how to take it like a man! From a super hung future father-in-law giving wedding night advice to a ripped and hairy Coach showing a younger player how to handle the balls. Father Figure gives you the very best of older and younger TitanMen getting it on. Leading the pack of hot dads are Dirk Jaeger, Jake Deckard and Cliff Rhodes showing us how a real man gives and takes it. Six of the hottest inter-generational scenes are yours for the taking. If you like hot older guys getting it on with younger guys begging for some hot man cock this one can't be missed! Featuring scenes from Holler, Hitch, Lifeguard! The Men of Deep Water Beach, Playbook, Stud Farm and Woodsmen.


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