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Saturday, August 17th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

Diary of a Sex Addict
Diary of a Sex Addict

2019, 120 min

Country: United States

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Tony DiMarco


When you're addicted to sex, where and how you get it doesn't matter - in public restrooms, the sex club, or even at home with a stranger off the street. Sit back and let award-winning director Tony Dimarco weave a tale of sex and desire with eight horny hunks that paint a tantalizing picture in Diary of a Sex Addict. When Devin Franco and Jack Hunter catch each other's eye at the urinal, they hit the bathroom stall where they suck each other until both Devin's face and the floor next to the toilet get covered with jizz, only to find themselves sitting across from each other at a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting with Colton Reece. Connecting on the street, Colton and Casey Jacks can't contain their lust for each other and head up to Casey's apartment, where Casey's ass goes in the air and Colton accepts the invitation to fuck. Once Casey's hole is filled with a thick load, Colton eats his cum out of Casey and finishes the session off with a cum-filled kiss.

Devin leaves work to look at apartments with real estate agent, Mateo Fernandez. Devin makes his move, and soon Mateo's massive uncut cock is stretching Devin's ass. Hunter Smith can't keep his eyes off bartender Kurtis Wolfe and ends up taking his bare cock in the back of the bar. After his romp with the bartender, Hunter leaves with Colton and gets on his knees to service his massive dick before he bends over to let the stud stretch his ass. Later, Devin hits the local sex club and puts his ass in the air for any stranger to come by and plow him. Christian Finch and Colton take turns on Devin's face and ass until they fuck him in an epic double penetration session. Crack open this seductive diary full of uninhibited desires and seedy hookups. It will have you wanting to write your own Diary of a Sex Addict.


Exclusive stud Devin Franco enjoys the solo cover spotlight and toplines “Diary of a Sex Addict” from Falcon Studios. The eight-member cast, under the direction of Tony Dimarco, “weave a tale of sex and desire,” a rep notes. Franco and fellow exclusive Colton Reece are joined by Mateo Fernandez, Christian Finch, Jack Hunter, Casey Jacks, Hunter Smith and Kurtis Wolfe.

The hunks hook up in public restrooms, the sex club and at home with a stranger cruised on the street. Franco and Hunter eye each other at the urinal and duck into a stall to exchange blowjobs; later, Franco should be viewing apartments with his real estate agent (Fernandez) but can’t resist making an advance on the hunky guy, a move he eagerly reciprocates. Franco closes out the film by hitting a sex club and making himself available to anyone who wants to take him on. Finch and Reece accept the offer; they double-team Franco, leading to “an epic double-penetration session,” the rep notes.

Elsewhere, Reece cruises Jacks on the street and follows him up to his apartment for a passionate, anonymous encounter; Smith, out clubbing, proves irresistible to a horny bartender (Wolfe), leading to their frenzied hookup in the back of the bar. Smith, however, hasn’t had enough and services another cute guy (Reece) who cruises him.

"We headed to San Francisco to shoot this film, which is one of the most sexually expressive and accepted places on earth," Dimarco said. "This cast is diverse, talented, and really brings you the hottest and best uninhibited sex between hot men." Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group, praised the movie’s erotic energy. “Tony and his cast strip everything down to the basics for some seedy fun,” he said. “This film tells the story of men who just like to get off, whenever, wherever, with whoever.”

Review by JC Adams, Xbiz (https://www.xbiz.com)