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Saturday, June 15th

Downstairs at 8:30 PM

The Pledge
The Pledge

2019, 133 min

Country: United States

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Chi Chi LaRue


In the tradition of the iconic Pledge Master franchise, which includes The Pledge Masters, New Pledgemaster, and Pledgemaster: The Hazing, Falcon Studios invites you to experience The Pledge. These college freshmen are willing to do anything to get a coveted spot in the hottest fraternity on campus. Their quest for validation and acceptance from their potential frat brothers becomes a lusty tale of intrigue, desire and deception that always leads to steamy bareback encounters. Join award-winning co-directors Chi Chi LaRue and Tony Dimarco as they deliver a blockbuster collegiate adventure featuring nine horny frat studs looking for all the raw college dick and ass they can grab. Go balls deep in brotherhood with The Pledge and see if you have what it takes to swear a lifetime of secrecy to the fraternity.


The Pledge is the fourth entry in the three decades spanning Falcon Studios/Jocks Pledgemaster fraternity movie series which consists of 1988's The Pledge Masters, 1995's New Pledgemaster, and 2009's Pledgemaster: The Hazing. D.P. Welles wrote this installment of the Pledgemaster series and the movie was directed by Chi Chi LaRue, who also helmed New Pledgemaster, and Tony DiMarco. No knowledge of the other entries in the series is necessary to watch The Pledge.

The story for The Pledge has pledge Steven (Steven Lee), pledge Devin (Devin Franco), pledge Brendon (Brendon Wilde), and pledge Tristan (Tristan Hunter) pledging the Phi Epsilon Chi fraternity. Under the evil and harsh eye of Phi Epsilon Chi President Trevor (Trevor Miller) the new pledges are put through trials to prove their loyalty above all to the fraternity.

The negative aspect of The Pledge is that the story feels like it was cut down for the movie from the original script. There are aspects of the plot that appear to be entirely skipped over since they are merely told to the viewer out of the blue at the end giving the viewer the feeling that these plot points should have been shown to the viewer throughout the movie. However, the shortness of the plot in The Pledge leaves the movie no lighter in the story department than most straight collegiate-based movies.

The one negative aspect of the reduced plot aside, the rest of The Pledge is very well made. The sex scenes offer a lot of variety in the themes and acts performed in them which can be challenging to do in a collegiate themed movie such as The Pledge and the actors appear to be enjoying themselves during the sex scenes.

The unnamed cinematographer for The Pledge has done a beautiful job capturing the movie. The Pledge has excellent establishing shots and some excellent camera work; especially in the lead-in to the fraternity hall orgy scene where the camera slowly lowers itself down capturing the vastness of the hall and all of the future orgy participants. The locations used for the movie work beautifully as well creating a believable fraternity environment.

The Pledge is disappointing and satisfying all at the same time. Chi Chi LaRue and Tony DiMarco have done an excellent job creating a believable fraternity environment and have gotten an excellent cast for The Pledge. However, finding out how much of D.P. Welles script appears to have been cut is disappointing since The Pledge would have been a far better movie with the missing scripted portions.

-- Review by Flash, Adult DVD Talk (https://www.adultdvdtalk.com)